My attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. Spring 2011.

Sunrise 118 (1/2): Ault Park (Guest Sunrises #2 from Dayton, OH and Australia!)

First Light for Sunrise 118 @ Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

The full moon was out in the western sky! I know the physics make it impossible (or, rather, they show why it is impossible) but it’d be neat to see the full moon rise next to the sun. Until I can see a sunrise in a solar system with two luminous bodies, I’ll have to be content with seeing a full moon opposite the sun in the sky 🙂

(First: Check back later – I’m running out of time for the night – for the second half of this post. UPDATE Here’s the link to the second half. I came across an unexpected, and very interesting, piece of renegade art in the park this morning. Don’t miss it! There is a sneak peak down below somewhere. It deserves a post of its own so that our guest sunrises get their fully deserved attention 🙂 )

This morning I am happy to include the second set of the “guest sunrise” posts, featuring two sunrises from Dayton, OH and a set from a fellow blogger Eremophila in Australia. We’ve gone international! (Also a quick note: all original pictures’ copyright are maintained by their respective owners. The ault park sunrise notice on each picture is just the result of my renaming / resizing script that I run all pictures through prior to uploading them to the web!)

The sunrise this morning was surprisingly warm, and the skies were crystal clear as I’ve come to expect during the Autumn leg of this project. As far as clear sky sunrises go, this one was particularly “normal” with the early dawn light starting at least 20 minutes before sunrise and the “first light” being full of bright yellow light. It seems that the foggy days are gone for now, but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of them.

Guest Sunrise #1: James in Dayton, OH

James sent in a sunrise from his morning commute Thursday. I got it a bit later in the day so it wasn’t included in part I.

Driving North on I-75 in Dayton, Ohio. Thanks James!

Guest Sunrise #2: Eremophila in Mid North and South Eastern Australia

Eremophila was kind enough to send two sets of sunrise pictures from her adventures in Australia. The first picture is from the Mid North of Australia and the second two are from her recent move to Australia’s South East. She comments that the Mid North is quite a bit different from where she now lives in the South East.

Australia Sunrise (Mid North), thanks Eremophila!

South Eastern Australia Sunrise. I love the fog and the blue skies, what a beautiful picture.

South Eastern Australia Sunrise #2. More fog and vegetation!

Guest Sunrise #3: Mike from Enon, Ohio

Mike sent in two pictures of his early morning sunrise across his backyard along the farmlands of Enon, Ohio. Thanks Mike!

The dark early morning sky.

This looks to be just before First Light, capturing the brightest of the dawn light. Thanks again Mike!

There are 17 pictures in this post, so if you’re on the front page be sure to click here to continue!

Early dawn at the overlook

I felt like the sun could appear any second. I felt that way for about 10 minutes. Clear skies have a way of tricking you into thinking the sun can’t possibly take any longer! A jet flies overhead as its vapor stream catches the early light.

True First Light of Sunrise 118 (I’m really in a vertical sunrise phase right now)

Final sunrise picture over Armleder Park & the Little Miami River valley.

Heading back across the lawn, the wind has picked up a bit and the American Flag was flapping lightly. The full moon hung in the sky, getting ready to set behind the western hills.

Here’s a preview of what I call the “Snowman Political Rally”. Someone has gathered up all the political signs from the recent local election and set them up as the audience to decorated evil looking snowman. The snowman is smiling through wicked looking teeth and beady eyes, dressed up with a tie, and has “THE MAN” spray-painted (or shoe polished) along the side of it. For full picture coverage, check out Sunrise 118 (2/2)

Happy Veteran’s Day!

(A full sized picture, rather than widescreen, for OCD purposes)

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  2. eremophila

    Really enjoyable shots! Loving this trip around the world!

    November 14, 2011 at 5:55 am

    • Yeah, it was a fun exercise, thanks again for submitting. Now I need to attract some more people to try it out.

      November 14, 2011 at 10:45 am

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