My attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. Spring 2011.

Sunrise 154: Clifton, Mt. Adams & Newport KY (Downtown/OTR Fog Bank, St. Patrick’s Day Bagpipes)

Over-The-Rhine & Downtown Cincinnati against a massive fog bank over the Ohio River. As seen on the morning of St. Patty’s day from Bellevue Hill Park in Clifton.

We stopped by Mt. Adams for a beer & a Rugby game (oh, and another free breakfast!) at Tap & Go. Here we look out over the Ohio River from Mt. Adams.

A view from Newport, KY as a barge rolls along up the Ohio River. (The white balance may have gotten away from me on this one; original photo is down below)

(Don’t forget to check out the sister post that will show up in a few minutes from this morning. Sunrise 155)

This year the wife and I decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s day by getting up super early and heading to Clifton for a free hot breakfast @ Murphy’s Pub. I realized right away that this would put me within walking distance of Bellevue Hill Park, one of my favorites in the city for its historic location, so I made sure to grab my camera and bring it along with me for the ride. We ended up spending the early morning in Clifton, the mid morning in Mt. Adams, and the late morning in Newport, Kentucky. As we traveled around the rim of the valley (and finally down by the river), I kept track of the thick fog that sat along the Ohio River. By the end of the morning the sky had cleared up and I found myself gazing at the Cincinnati Skyline under a summer-esque blue sky with rolling clouds.

We started off our morning at Murphy’s Pub in Clifton. Murphy’s Pub is a Clifton classic and they sure know how to host a party. Their breakfast (and green eggs) were superb and the crowd was a nice mix of students and locals. This bagpiper scared the pants off of us as he started his morning serenade at 6:30am.

When I first arrived in Clifton I made the immediate realization that I was only two blocks from Bellevue Hill Park, my favorite park in the Clifton area due to it’s history and breathtaking view of Downtown Cincinnati across Over-The-Rhine. I jokingly offered the other members of our party a chance to join me in a jog to the park, but none of them cared to take me up. I ran into a friend from school, Duffee (who is actually my “little brother” from our days in the fraternity), who is always up for an adventure. He joined me as we high tailed it up to the park at day break.

We arrived in the park to a handsome view of a tall & fluffy pile of fog hanging over the Ohio River. At first I was disappointed that we weren’t going to get a colorful sunrise sky, but that disappointment was replaced with joy when we saw the wall of fog that provided a beautiful backdrop to the Cincinnati Skyline.

If you’re on the front page, please click here to continue. There are about 21 pictures total for this post.

The fog successfully hid the hills of Kentucky and even crept up the Mill Valley. Here we see Union Terminal (aka the Hall of Justice) against the edge of the fog formation to the west.

Apologies for the blur… there wasn’t much light for my little camera to soak up.

Here we see a clear shot of the yard upon which the Bellevue Hill Incline once stood. The ruins are still scattered among the hillside forest and at the foot of the mountain, down in Over The Rhine at the head of Elm Street.

If you’ve never been to Bellevue Hill Park, I can highly recommend checking it out.

A shot from under the shelter… a location where a certain rock band performed one of their songs (3 doors down – not my time).

Another shot from the Frank Lloyd Write inspired structure.

Upon leaving the park, we noticed the sunrise over the hill under the breaking cloud layer.

This area is littered with classic Cincinnati homes, some of which date back to the late 1800s. No idea how old this particular home is.

The beautiful rolling hills of Cincinnati. Standing at the top of this hill reminds me of San Francisco. This is Warner Street in Clifton, looking west towards Murphy’s Pub. I honestly feel that Cincinnati is probably Ohio’s most challenging city to bike in… at least on this side of the state.

After breakfast we rolled out to Mt. Adams which gave me a chance to get up close and personal with the fog bank. Believe me, I could hardly keep in my excitement at my good fortune!

We ended up just a block from an overview that looked out over the Ohio River (it’s hard not to get a beautiful view from Mt. Adams)… the fog was still thick but had started to life.

Just as the sun broke I was able to get this beautiful shot. The river rushes down below, and across the fog we would see the rolling hills of Kentucky on a clear day.

I came close to deleting this picture, but I like the minimalism of it (other than the annoying telephone line). Here we see the sun breaking above the fog bank against the silhouetted stone fence, a classic Cincinnati landmark.

After playing life-sized Jenga @ Tap & Go (using cut up 2x4s), we finished up our journey in Newport, KY. As luck would have it the very moment I stepped out to take a picture of the skyline, a barge decided to roll through the view.
A closer shot across the river.

Here comes the barge!

Here we see the tugboat responsible for pushing the linked cargo up the river.

A final shot of the barge…
Thanks for reading!

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  2. Wonderful post – great shots … really exceptional blog.

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