My attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. Spring 2011.

Sunrise 73: Ault Park (Housefly Macro, Cement Textures, Meadow Insects)

The sunrise looking out across the small meadow.

Down at the meadow there are these orange/yellow flowers that stand high in the air. They’re buzzing with life and full of Bumblebees. Their colors looked deep orange in the sun light.

Sunrise (with a strange artifact on my camera lens)

This morning’s sunrise was a bit of a quiet one. The sky was hazy as usual and the ambient light through the atmosphere was a bit dull. The sun didn’t start putting off the orange/yellow light until I was on my way to work. Oh, and because this blog acts as a kind of personal journal, it’s worth mentioning that this morning was the first time I commuted to work directly from the park. The temperature was cool enough before 8:00am (about 72F) that it was fairly comfortable. I could really get used to this 🙂

I hung out at the far side of the park for a bit before embarking for work. In April I explored the small prairie that is maintained by the park crew and was excited to see just how tall it the vegetation has grown. The meadow was thick with flowers and healthy plant life. The only unfortunate part about it was the invasive mosquito species was also present in high numbers. Those things are fast and nasty.

Took about 20 pictures today. If you’re on the front page, click to continue. Flowers, Ants, Pollen, Flies, Cement Textured Macro pictures, etc. —->

Armleder Park from the Overlook

Sun coming up through the trees.

I noticed, for the first time, a small flower in the cement work  on top of the pavilion. I think it was created when the pavilion was wet because there aren’t any signs of “rubbing”. The initials of kids that carve their names into the top of the stone have a white look to them and you can see where the stone has been rubbed down. Not the case here.

The sunrise from atop the pavilion

Looking out at Ault Park’s beautiful center lawn.

I played around with some macro textures while I was sitting at the pavilion drinking my coffee. The stone is slightly beveled so the orange light created some interesting shadows across the surface. I mostly took these to use as a wallpaper for my laptop. Click for larger version.

Lots of detail in the cement.

Zoomed out a bit.

Wide screen version.

Macro Shots.

This is a spot where someone has etched in a “T” to the top surface of the stone. You can see the white where the stone is rubbed away.

A large housefly lands right in the front of the camera.

Then… he climbs on top of the camera. Hah.

I caught him looking out at the stone wall, wondering where his breakfast is.

He’s found something. I seriously don’t know what he found, but he’s trying to figure it out.

These suckers moved so fast I couldn’t get a good picture of them. “Busy as a Bee” makes so much sense now. Did you know that while bumblebees are pollinating flowers they get “drunk” on the pollen, so to speak, so they go into a trance and won’t bother you? You can practically poke them with your finger and they don’t mind. Nothing to be afraid of unless they kick into mating mode or can’t find a flower to hang out on.

Another shot of the yellow flowers.

I found some more aphid herding ants. I didn’t realize how lucky this shot was until after I checked it out on the computer! It appears I caught the ant drinking from a small droplet of sugar water coming from the plant! Either the plant has a special opening specifically for providing sugar water for ants (likely) or the ant cut into the plant. But I don’t think that’s the case. Coevolution is fascinating.

A stalk of the flowering meadow plant.

I have no idea what this plant is but it looks like little pumpkins.

Pumpkins. Just kidding.

The entire stalk of the flower. You can see the flowers changing into fruit the further down the stalk you look.

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