My attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. Spring 2011.

Sunrise 53: Ault Park & Lunken #3 (Pink Dawn & Airplanes)

A plane prepares to land at Lunken Airfield down below.

Sunrise over the Airplanes @ Lunken Playfield (Full Circle!)

When I left the apartment this morning to head up to Ault Park I could tell it was going to be a good morning. My legs were feeling strong, the sky was starting to light up with a purple hue, and the air was brisk and comfortable. I actually wore a light sweatshirt this morning to fend off the 55F temperature. After the heat streak of last week (we were up around 95F) this cooler temperature is greatly appreciated.

The sun has just started to crest behind the trees

The Pink Dawn Sky

The dawn sky took on a pinkish hue that peaked just as the sun crested over the horizon. The sunrise was a quick one. It seemed as though the “climax” was just after sunrise, within about 10 minutes. The few minutes leading up to the actual sunrise were marked with bright skies and deep purple atmosphere. On mornings like this you want to get up 20 minutes earlier and catch the sunrise from both ends. I’m not sure how to predict ahead of time what kind of sunrise you’re going to get, but if you want to be sure just show up early 🙂

Armleder Park – Look ma, no fog!

A vertical shot capturing the color of the upper atmosphere

Believe it or not, the sunrise colors had faded by 6:20am to a light mix of yellow, orange, and pink. I was impressed with the dramatic display of colors so soon after sunrise time and decided to try my luck down at Lunken Airfield, doing the same loop (via Eastern Ave) that I mapped out yesterday. We’ll call this “Lunken #3” – a pattern I hope to keep up.

Looking out at Heekin Overlook

At 6:24am, about 12 minutes after sunrise, I took off from the overlook to knock out the third run of the so-called ‘Eastern Lunken Loop’. I didn’t know if I was going to do the entire loop (heading all the way down to the Ohio River Launch Club on the Ohio River) but I was curious how quickly I could get to Lunken from Alms Park without stopping, and how much time it would take to get back to Mt. Lookout Square.

Lunken Sunrise

I arrived at Lunken Airfield at 6:35am. The trip from Heekin Overlook to Lunken Airfield was uninterrupted as I ignored my own advice from yesterday and didn’t stop to take a picture of Linwood Public School.

For the rest of the story, and if you’re on the front page, click here –>

Vertical Lunken Sunrise

By the time I got to Lunken Airfield, the sun had moved “two fingers” above the horizon from where it was when I left Ault Park. It slipped up into the low cloud bank and hid from view for the next 30 minutes. I enjoyed my first cup of coffee and eagerly waited for the planes to take off.

Looking West down one of the smaller runways

Final picture of the sunrise

I left my perch on the Lunken Bike Trail at 7:10am, arriving home by 7:30am. I didn’t continue to the Marina but instead opted to jump straight onto Tusculum from Kellog Ave, taking me up past Alms Park. The second leg took about 20 minutes, putting the entire “travel time” at just under 35 minutes for the route, excluding the time it takes to get from Mt. Lookout to Ault Park. Add another 15 minutes for stopping by the Marina to see how the Ohio River is doing, and you’ve got yourself a nice little morning ride that takes around an hour to do with a couple brief stops. Oh! And if you do the ride in the afternoon, stop by the Sky Galley @ Lunken Terminal for a happy hour beer :). I hear they have Left Hand’s Milk Stout and Dogfish Head’s 60-minute IPA on tap, among other things. I’ve stopped by several times to look at the menu (don’t typically have money on me while I’m biking) but haven’t actually eaten there yet. Happy hour during the week from (I might be wrong here) 1:00pm-7:00pm for $1 off beer and half priced appetizers. The Sky Galley sits in the art-deco Lunken Terminal

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