My attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. Spring 2011.

Sunrise 136: Ault Park (Clear Twilight & Eastern Hills Journal Interview, Pt. 2)

Sunrise 136 @ Ault Park

This morning’s sunrise was a special one. The atmosphere was clear and the twilight provided beautiful colors, once again, so it turned out to be quite the pleasant, if a bit chilly, morning. Lisa Wakeland contacted me yesterday to ask if I’d be interested in doing a follow up for the Ault Park Sunrise article that originally ran last spring in the Eastern Hills Journal. Of course I said “heck yeah!” and so she agreed to met me to talk. She was a good sport and humored my request to meet at sunrise at the park for the interview. I figured it was worth a shot since these are some of the latest sunrises of the entire year! I’m looking forward to seeing what she ends up putting in the article and I’ll be sure to link to it here. Thanks again Lisa!!

I was able to get up to the overlook a bit early again to appreciate the half hour of twilight display before the sun crested over the ridge line. This may be one of the last colorful sunrises for while as it appears we have some winter weather heading our way. Looks like we’re in for some rain and snow during the rest of the week. Boo.

I arrived at the overlook just as the “Magenta Creep” was starting to slide across the sky from the horizon.

There were light pockets of clouds that were slowly moving across the sky, seeming to line nicely with the part of the sky where I was expecting the sun to come up. Twilight colors are a nice set of light pinks and purples.

A plane takes off from Lunken Airfield against the twilight sky.

Naked trees above the Murdock water fountain.

If you’re on the front page, please click to continue. 17 pictures total on this clear and chilly winter morning.

An empty sky with a nice twilight color gradient.

The ambient light around the overlook was particularly dark. The lights of the office buildings down in the valley are still on.

I visited the tree that I scoped out yesterday as a candidate for the “Tree Silhouette” project. It isn’t ideal but it’s still has a good looking structure.

I also revisited the young tree down by the lower overlook. The twilight pinks are starting to fade into oranges.

Another jet takes off from Lunken Airfield.

Behind me, the full moon is setting as the sun is rising.

At this point I meet Lisa and we start the interview. The following pictures were taken while she was taking my picture. I was a bit nervous and also a bit trigger happy, hah.

It’s so close!

Looking out over the Little Miami River Valley

A nice vertical shot of “First Light” with a nice deep blue upper atmosphere.

Sunrise 136

A close up of some of the deep oranges. A mildly humid sunrise that rose a deep orange but quickly became quite bright.

I asked Lisa for a Silhouette picture. As I said, she was a good sport :). Thanks again for coming out Lisa, and I look forward to seeing the article in the Eastern Hills Journal. Let me know if you see it!

2 responses

  1. I see you’re still going strong, Blaine! I especially love the last picture where the trees frame the sunset.
    Happy belated new year!

    January 13, 2012 at 6:23 pm

  2. Thanks Naomi! It really is incredible how much the sky lights up with the early twilight on a clear day. Happy belated new year to you, too!

    January 16, 2012 at 6:44 pm

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