My attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. Spring 2011.

Sunrise 98: Ault Park (Foggy Park, Foggy Forest, and Observatory Fog)

The trusty old ’77 fuji hangin’ out in the fog.

One of my favorite places to take the Fuji’s portrait.

The Tree Trail @ Ault Park

Arachnophobes should stay away from bushes in the fog.

The Cincinnati Observatory against a psuedo-sunrise.

Last night before calling it a night, I took a peek from our patio into the night sky. I realized that the atmosphere had cleared up and I could see the stars. I’ll admit it, I was excited to wake up early to a cool, crisp, fall sunrise in a clear and open sky.

However, when I woke up this morning I was treated to an even bigger surprise! This morning was one of the rare mornings that happen once every few months (and hopefully more often this fall with all this rain!) where the thick fog from the valley overflows and spills into the hills of Mt. Lookout. The fog was lightly patched around the square in Mt. Lookout, and even sparse on my ride through the neighborhood to Ault Park, but once I hit the park boundaries it was like riding into a hazy wonderland. I didn’t get the clear morning sunrise that I had expected, but the quiet and muffled morning in the fog was worth the exchange!

I was literally like a kid in a candy shop. I wanted to see Alms Park, Lunken, Armleder Park, and all the residential no outlets that I’ve come to appreciate. But alas, time enough there was not.

The descriptions, unfortunately will be brief this morning. I’m on my way out the door to check out my first Little Brown Jug horse race up in Delaware, Ohio.

Coming out of a thick patch on the way to the park. Up ahead it is foggy. At the top of this hill is Ault Park.

The entrance to Ault Park

As I enter the park, I can “hear” the fog around me as all ambient sounds beyond 50 feet away become muffled.

Speed Limit 25.

A pic-a-nic table!

It’s even thicker up near the pavilion where the fog is still literally pouring in from the valley just 200 yards away.

Knowing that there will be no sunrise, I take a stroll through the quiet garden.

For the rest of the pictures, about 35 more, click to continue!

The dew dropped by the fog made me keenly aware of just how many spiders there are on the bushes.

Spider Web

The pavilion is straight, sitting on the hill at the end of the lawn.

It’s so dark.

Same great taste, but with more sidewalk! ™

“No Dogs Allowed”. This is at the rear of the lawn. I met up with Aaron, a friendly guy who takes care of this area, and talked about the native compass plants. He made a great point that one guy plants lots of native plants to attract all the birds and insects. Now that makes a lot of sense!

The cosmo garden

A young tree

Looking down the road towards the Japanese cherry orchard

The pavilion in the fog

A herd of young nomadic picnic tables grazes under the oak canopy. Fortunately I didn’t startle them.

Seriously one of the thickest sunrises of Ault Park Sunrise. This is the familiar view down into the valley but it is completely obstructed by fog!

This is the same angle from yesterday. “A view from the dead oak”. Here’s the a picture from the same location I took yesterday:
 This was even a bit “misty”!

Looking towards the park from the overlook. I save the word “Fog” for these rare mornings.

Bike Fog.

The sunrise! Haha. By this point the sun is working hard at burning off the mist.

I’m standing in a clear patch on the under side of the raised garden hill.

It’s still foggy! A van approaches.

On my way out of the park towards the Cincinnati Observatory

I take a quick peek into the Tree Trail. This picture is looking out from the trail to the street. It really feels like a little leafy cave in here.

 The forest is lush and beautiful, dripping in the fog.

Foggy Forest Trail. This is a protected old growth forest.

A bird’s eye view of the webs. I love spiders. Just yesterday my brother and his friends and I fed some crickets to a garden spider. That never gets old! One of the few times I break my policy of neutral action towards harmless insects.

I swing by the Cincinnati Observatory. The main residential roads are starting to clear up, but the high peaks of the mountain (like Ault Park and the Observatory) are still wearing their fog hats.

Foggy Observatory

The pine tree behind the building

Observatory Circle

Finally, a picture of Mt. Lookout. I believe the effect that we see in the sky is the result of the CCD bleaching out the cyan channel. Either way, the best I could do before the light turned red. I was trying to get the glowing steeple that was lit up in the misty morning light against a clear blue sky. Didn’t quite work out.

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