My attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. Spring 2011.

Sunrise 84: Ault Park & Lunken Airfield (Macro Dew, Cool Summer Morning)

This is becoming my favorite spot to take bike pictures. The raised levee provides a nice open view to the sky.

Dew Sunrise

Today was another beautifully cool summer morning in Cincinnati. The temperature was brisk, lower 60s at the highest. I cruised on into Ault Park just before sunrise to get a shot of the dawn sky, and upon seeing the fog down in the valley, decided to drop down to Lunken Airfield for a nice 10 mile ride. Got some great pictures of the sunrise over the foggy lunken airfield, as well as some macro picture of the morning dew.

Morning Dawn at Ault Park looking over the Little Miami River Valley

Considering the drop down into Armleder Park. Instead I opted to head down to Lunken Airfield.

I made it just in time. The sun had just started coming up over the ridge. There were patches of thick fog but the bike path was mostly clear!

There was a small patch of clouds just above the horizon. Other than that it was another clear summer sky!

If you’re on the front page, click to continue. About 12 or so pictures in total. Including a pleasant picture of St. Stephen’s Italianate bell tower.

The morning dew after condensing overnight on the overgrown grass along the bike path.

Fractal Dew.

More dewy grass.

Final shot across Lunken Airfield before my departure to climb up Mt. Tusculum and back home.

As I left the sun decided to come out in full force. This vertical shot showcases the blue gradient sky nicely.

I had to stop in East End to get a picture of this Italianate bell tower of the St. Stephen catholic church. This church sits in East End next to the old Public Library (that is now used as a venue). The bell tower is beautiful and if you look closely you can see some of the old hardware likely used for chiming the bells. This church was built in 1867, one of the oldest churches in Eastern Cincinnati (if not *the* oldest). Back in Sunrise 38 I wrote the following:
Across the street there is the St. Stephen Catholic Church. After my recent introduction to the “Italianate” style, the tower on this building stands out incredibly. It is almost identical in style to the radio tower @ the US Playing Card Company and the Linwood Public School. The church’s website says they’ve been serving the catholic community since 1867 – within a decade of the Spencer Township building and just 6 years before the Linwood Town Hall (which in 1903 became Our Lady of Loretta Roman Catholic Church) located just a half mile or so from here.

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