My attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. Spring 2011.

Sunrise 26: Ault Park (Clear, Orange, and Misty)

This morning was a beautiful clear sunrise unlike any that I’ve seen for the past three weeks. Before the last batch of storms I remember seeing several of the bright orange displays but it has been a rare morning that has a cloud cover < 15%. At 6:10 am, a full 20 minutes before sunrise, the sky was so bright it felt like the sun was already coming up.

I’d like to add a quick note before I continue. This morning was sunrise 26, but I actually did have a sunrise 25 on saturday morning. I took so many pictures and did some extended research into a few things that I discovered. The post isn’t quite done (I fell asleep last night before finishing it) but I’ll have it up later this morning. For this reason I decided to make this morning’s sunrise a quick trip. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately so it was nice to focus more on the view and less on the camera. If you get a chance, be sure to check out sunrise 25; I’ll link it here (and it’ll be on the frontpage) when I publish it.

For the sunrise this morning, the atmosphere was clear and the air was warm. The valley down below had thick pockets of fog and for a few minutes I had to talk myself out of riding down to the bottom of the hill and taking the morning pictures through the fog. One of these days I’ll get down into the fog! I’m waiting on that seasonal fog that comes around a few times a year. We’re coming due in the next few weeks and I can’t wait. There is nothing quite like exploring the forest and neighborhood in a fog that provides only 10-15ft visibility. The fog stays around he overlooks (especially Alms Park) well past four hours after sunrise.

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The sun was a rich orange. The dark blue in the high atmosphere was quickly dispersed  as the sunlight reached far across the sky without the low cloud banks to obscure it. Lunken had some serious fog around the runways, and I watched a small commuter jet moving around through the haze. I’m not sure if he ended up actually taking off or not. Armleder Park looks surprisingly dry. The water is completely gone although I’m sure the ground still feels mushy. The dog park looks like it is drying out, although I can’t tell for sure.

On the way out of the park I swung by the Cincinnati Observatory before heading home through Mt. Lookout Square. The sun was creeping up into the sky and already the oranges and reds were starting to fall out, giving way to the post-sunrise yellows and blues.

I stopped quickly to take a picture looking south/southwest into Mt. Lookout Square from Delta Ave. One of these days, probably on a weekend, I’ll devote an entire post to the buildings and history around Mt. Lookout. There are several 1930s and 1950s deco buildings scattered in the more modern post-1960s brick structures. Speaking of Mt. Lookout, I stopped into UDF again today to get some coffee. Ahh, well as the reader you don’t know, yet, I was in UDF on Saturday morning. I had run out of coffee and Lookout Joe’s was closed. UDF gave me a refill on my 26oz thermos for $.99 which was awesome. This morning I still don’t have coffee, so I headed into the store again on the way home. Mondays are free refill days – so I didn’t have to pay a cent! I did get a doughnut though with my four quarters. That went better than expected!

Last night after we got home from our Mother’s Day activities, I did a quick trip up to Alms Park. The moon was high in the sky with the crescent side lit up and pointing towards the sunset.

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